Triple Town

1.90.6 for Android



Build your city starting from pieces of grass


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Triple Town is an independent puzzle game in which our goal is to build a city on a board in which we'll find different kinds of pieces.

Mechanics are simple. In each turn, you can place a random item. You build your city by matching three or more game-pieces: combine three grasses to make a bush, three bushes to make a tree, three trees to make a cabbage... until you've filled the board with houses, cathedrals, castles and even flying castles.

Along the way, you'll have to outwit giant bears who will try to block your progress and many other dangers and obstacles. You can also be clever and convert those bears into graves, monasteries, Cathedrals and finally, treasures to collect money.

The larger the city you build, the more points you score. Then end of the game arrives when you can't build anything. In that moment, you'll know the points you've earned and will earn coins you'll be able to spend in the next try.

Triple Town is an excellent game whose worst part is that it's extremely addictive. Is that good or bad? We think it's good and you should play it.
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